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TransEnd delivers worry-free reliable performance. This MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) based surge protector is available in all standard low-voltage AC configurations with surge current capabilities ranging from 25kA to 100kA. Designed to suppress transient surges before they effect sensitive loads with a built in high-frequency noise filter. The TransEnd is designed and tested to withstand surge currents in accordance with ANSI/IEEE recommendations, and meets the safety requirements of UL 1449 4th edition. Additionally, the single-pulse surge current capacity (per mode) has been tested and proven per NEMA recommendations.

Available in the following voltage configurations:

120/240VAC, Split-Phase, 3-wire + Ground,
Ex: XN50-120/240-2G

120/208VAC, 3-Phase, 4-wire + Ground,
Ex: XN50-120/208-3GY

120/240VAC, 3-Phase, 4-wire + Ground, High Leg,
Ex: XN50-120/240-3GHD

220/380VAC, 3-Phase, 4-wire + Ground,
Ex: XN50-220/380-3GY

277/480VAC, 3-Phase, 4-wire + Ground,
Ex: XN50-277/480-3GY

347/600VAC, 3-Phase, 4-wire + Ground,
Ex: XN50-347/600-3GY

240VAC, 3-Phase, 3-wire + Ground,
Ex: XN50-240-3DG

380VAC, 3-Phase, 3-Wire + Ground,
Ex: XN50-380-3DG

480VAC, 3-Phase, 3-wire + Ground,
Ex: XN50-480-3DG

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